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Chef prepared food delivered to your home

Please pre order 

"Recommending Food Inspirations is not enough, the lamb kofta was absolutely delicious and I can tell that every ingredient was at the right amount on it!!  The pitta bread was freshly baked and very soft inside, so it was really tasty with the lamb kofta and the fresh made salads (Hummus, Smoked Aubergine, Cabbage and Onion pickles with fresh Pomegranates on top so yummy).  I like how the sweet chilli sauce was on the side of the meal box which is made from quality materials and fully recycled.  Thank you very much Nick Wood.  

"Fantastic tasting Pizza, loved the sourdough bases.  It was good to find a pizza delivery that weren't the bland chain style you usually find on the high street.  Will definitely be ordering again!!!

Joel L 

"The carrot cake and coffee and walnut cake  are very popular with our customers, they don’t hang around for very long!  Nick is very professional, reliable, always delivers on time and is happy to help with any last minute changes to orders. Would                                                    highly recommend!"                                 

Emma R

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