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I have been a chef for over 30 years and I am dedicated to great food, excellent service and quality people.  Throughout my career I have pushed boundaries in the industry to achieve the best.   Food is not only my career, it’s my passion, it's my life.

Nick Wood founder, Food Inspirations

I've spent a large portion of my career at the forefront of corporate dining and hospitality, working extensively with leading food service caterers, but before this I developed my skills working in pubs, hotels, restaurants and fine dining.

Throughout my career, I have built relationships with some of the best suppliers in the country and continue to work closely with them to ensure that I have access to the best seasonal produce available.  I know the importance of seasonality but also know that food provenance is key to ensuring that the food I serve is the very best.

Even with the best seasonal ingredients, behind every great dish is a team of quality people working together.  I have trained many chefs throughout my career and it has been a privilege working with them to cultivate their skills and help them to acheive their full potential.

Food Inspirations

Food Inspirations was founded in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Like many in the industry, I took time to reflect and decided to set up Food Inspirations with the goal of continuing to work in the industry I love, whilst also allowing me the scope and remit to work more broadly towards the causes I believe in. 

Food Inspirations offers consultancy and training, private dining and events and also a store where you'll find items carefully selected by me and also a selection of foods created by me, ranging from artisan bakery items to slow fermented, hand stretched pizza.

I am fortunate to have had an incredible career and now, through Food Inspirations, I believe it's time for me to help and give back to this amazing industry and my local community.

I am passionate about great food and attention to detail is key in everything that I do.  I want you to have the most amazing experience where both the food and customer service is of the highest quality.

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The Burnt Chef Project is a non-profit social enterprise setup and run to raise awareness for mental health issues within hospitality and to invest in mental health training and useful resources.

As an ambassador for the South East, I am working with the project to acheive their goals of eradicating mental health stigma within hospitality

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